Mezcal Vago was launching their authentic and grass-roots mezcal in big cities throughout the United States. DRIVEN’s job was to build brand recognition throughout the country, allowing them to spread the knowledge of Mezcal Vago’s humble place in a craft spirits movement that was spreading across the nation.

DRIVEN Public Relations developed a strategic plan to reach media in each city Mezcal Vago launched in. We worked with publications across the nation and with spirit distributors to show the value understand the beauty and sense of place when sipping this fine mezcal.

DRIVEN’s relationships with media along with a great, authentic story turned into written and placed articles that told the tale of Mezcal Vago’s  history and humble beginnings. Since the partnership, Mezcal Vago has been placed in top-tier wine and spirits publications and the connoisseur wine and spirit market is beginning to recognize the brand as something special and authentic.