logoDRIVEN was approached by Renovo Motors to not only launch their all-new American Electric supercar, the Renovo Coupe, but to launch the actual company to the world as well. For four years, Renovo Motors had been working in complete stealth mode and looked to DRIVEN to develop a “go to market” PR plan that would successfully launch the company and Coupe into the mainstream.

As a team, we selected the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance in Monterey, California to launch both company and supercar! Despite the Monterey event being a program for the true automotive historian and enthusiast as well as given its spread throughout the entire city with a variety of events, we knew we had an uphill battle, but it was a calculated one. Pebble Beach pulls all the major media from around the country and we knew that our vehicle would be the one standout that nobody would see coming. Working in partnership with Renovo, we decided to do the unexpected and host our first media program offsite at a private residence. The opportunity gave media exclusivity and the ability to take a true test ride with limited distractions and a full focus on the Renovo Coupe experience. We followed this up with participating in the official Concept Green onsite at Pebble Beach exposing the company and Coupe to the full list of event media, attendees, and spectators. In conjunction, our team launched Renovo’s social media presence to further boost the launch of the company and showcase the event highlights.

For the initial launch, DRIVEN secured more than 20 one-on-one interviews with only the top members of the automotive and industry press elite. However, the stories DRIVEN generated as a result of the PR campaign was incredible. With a total of 113 stories in less than one week, Renovo went from automotive industry nobody, to formidable newcomer. Top coverage included Motor Trend, Car and Driver, Autobytel, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Popular Mechanics, GQ, Popular Science, Automotive News, Jalopnik and more.