BACKGROUND: DRIVEN Public Relations began working with Sena Bluetooth in 2011 to expand their current North American outreach and to develop a PR program that would allow Sena to become the “go-to” Bluetooth product in the endemic and non-endemic markets. With continued works towards launching several new products a year, DRIVEN was tasked with creating a program that could continue to grow, expand, and evolve with each new product cycle.

ACTIVATION: With DRIVEN Public Relations knowledge of the motorcycle, automotive, powersports and general consumer industries, the blanket of outreach covered multiple markets. DRIVEN developed a media review program allowing real world testing as well as point-to-point and group media events to demonstrate and educate media on all-new products. With a growing PR program, Sena also attended several key industry events, including the inaugural American International Motorcycle Expo in 2013, allowing for a successful North American launch of key products. DRIVEN has also developed a specific program surrounding non-traditional media outlets such as the growing vlogging and social media markets to reach special interest and general consumers.

RESULTS: DRIVEN Public Relations’ work with Sena has created a national media campaign resulting in media traction in national endemic and non-endemic publications as well as a well-known reputation among consumers. Since partnering with DRIVEN, Sena has launched over ten new products into the marketplace and expanded to new markets with products tailored to a broader range of users. As Sena continues to grow as a leading brand in the market among motorcycle, automotive, and powersports users, DRIVEN’s role will continue to grow and evolve as an influential partner with Sena.