As a part of DRIVEN’s capabilities, we strategically conduct national and international media tours in select cities we want to penetrate for a client. With Dallas, Texas, nationally ranked in the top five for broadcast media hubs, it was imperative for TeenSafe to be entrenched in the city as part of their current media program.

For a client like TeenSafe, it was also important that we provided a face for the brand (spokesperson Ameeta Jain) and formed an emotional connection to Dallas. Upon making the recommendation and decision to do a full two-day media tour in Dallas, the DRIVEN team pitched top tier broadcast outlets, long and short lead publications and radio stations.

With perseverance and an incredibly successful pitching program, Ameeta interviewed with Dallas’ top tier media, doing 10 interviews in ONE day, including FOX-TV, CBS-TV, Univision, ABC-TV, Dallas Weekly, CW-TV, Texas Metro News, Dallas Morning News, and In & Around Magazine. Generating immediate interest in TeenSafe, our Dallas media tour caused major spikes in web traffic and TeenSafe sign-ups. These spikes have continued to snowball since the media tour, syndicating and gaining momentum in other parts of the U.S.

So, what does Dallas think about TeenSafe?
“Sorry kids, safety first! [TeenSafe] is not a bad idea. Moms really do know best.” – CW Dallas News Fix

“I think I’d be okay with [TeenSafe].” – 17 year-old Dallas resident, Hannah Hargrave

“Privacy is all good and fine as long as you have proven that you are responsible enough to make wise choices.” – Dallas Parent

“I think it’s great to have one spot for parents because it’s all over. We can’t keep up, so thanks for keeping up for us!” – ABC-TV Dallas