Hollywood Is At Your Fingertips.

Connecting with consumers in your target audience through their everyday passions is simply priceless. There are few ways to elevate your brand awareness faster than through the impactful influence of Entertainment: From music, TV, Film, sports, video games, art to overall pop culture and celebrity reach.

As Entertainment industry insiders, we have our fingers on the pulse of show business – with extensive networks and deep connections from more than 30 years of combined experience all across the industry. We’re ready to break your brand into the spotlight – leveraging unrivaled relationships that deliver better results at more reasonable costs than ‘large’ agencies out there. Even better: We integrate Entertainment Marketing efforts with our world-class public relations and marketing communications/social media capabilities to maximize return on your investment by carrying your brand messaging across all possible touchpoints.

The Power of Blockbuster Films, Top TV Shows.

There simply is no team in the industry with as many deep, personal connections with producers, directors, writers, talent management, prop masters, set decorators, costumers, make-up artists, studio execs and additional influencers on-set. Direct access to Hollywood’s top studios, films and TV shows is yours. Immediately elevate your brand’s recognition through traditional, cost-effective product placement.

If that’s simply not enough, opportunities to integrate your product organically within the film or TV production’s storyline are also within your immediate reach.

From Dexter, Mission Impossible, X-Men, End of Watch, Walking Dead, The Avengers, True Blood, Californication, Stolen, Need For Speed to Zero Dark Thirty, our Entertainment Marketing team’s track record in placing products in the most prominent productions is simply second-to-none.

The Influence of Celebrities and Music.

DRIVEN’s combined Entertainment team taps into its vast networks of actors, music artists, talent managers, talent agents, athletes and countless more influencers across a variety of areas to match personalities with your brand. With authenticity as a first priority, we make recommendations on the best opportunities for brand ambassadors/entertainment properties. Then all the magic happens.

Your brand’s association with relevant entertainers and/or entertainment properties is nothing less than powerful – giving you an immediate entry point into pop culture and selected subcultures.

From Olympic Athletes, touring music stars from  every genre, Electronic Dance Music Producers/DJs, fashion stars/models, A-List celebrities to niche artists, we literally open up a world of possibilities for you.

Whether it’s selecting a high-profile music artist to personally represent your brand, choosing to place products in a music video, inviting specific celebrities to one-off events or creating your own experiential event with star power, our highly customizable entertainment marketing solutions are tailored to your brand’s needs – leveraging the immense influence of the entertainment industry to carry your brand narrative.

  • Film and TV Product Placement
  • Script/Storyline Product Integration
  • Celebrity Outreach
  • Sports Influencers/Athletes
  • Music Artists
  • Fashion Influencers
  • Video Game Integration
  • Integrated Promotion: Themed Advertising, In-Store Promotions, Events
  • Integrated Social Media and Public Relations Efforts
  • Integrated Event/Experiential Marketing 

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