Tech PR Agency Helps Parenting App Maintain Global Presence With BBC Interview

Over the past few years, we at DRIVEN Public Relations have been propelling clients to the forefront of today’s trending topics. With growing number in diverse clients in technology, automotive, lifestyle, fashion, wines and spirits, our experience with managing media relations has proven to be an essential part of producing results.

TeenSafe provides parents with a window to safely monitor their child’s smart phone activity, with the help of their app parents can remotely keep an eye on possible hazards presented to their child.  With today’s societal dangers, it is important for parents to tactfully guide their children whenever hardships present themselves, whether it be bullying on a social media site or the threat of an online predator, parents want to protect their children. DRIVEN Public Relations has successfully conveyed TeenSafe’s message to thousands throughout the world through the effort put into establishing relationships with some of the world’s top media outlets. Below are just a few of the multitude of TeenSafe’s recent mentions in domestic and international press.

TeenSafe on HLN CNN
TeenSafe CEO Rawdon Messenger explains why parents should monitor their kids in today’s age.

TeenSafe on Good Morning Britain
TeenSafe co-founder and spokesperson Ameeta Jain discusses TeenSafe on Good Morning Britain.

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